Scrap Car Bondi

The best cash price on scrapping your car in Bondi

Scrap Car Bondi

NSW wreckers pay cash for unwanted vehicles and pick up cars from Bondi areas

Tired of seeing that piece of outdated vehicle which you bought years ago? Or did you buy a new car recently and you need to pave the way for it by selling the older one lying unused in the garage, but you’ve been looking for auto buyers all over the place without success?

Well if you are in Bondi then you are in luck because we will not only help you get rid of it but also pay you cash for your scrap car. If you thought that’s it, then we are glad to let you know that, that is not the only good news you will hear today as there is still more to come (truck wrecking for cash). So read on to find out what’s next because NSW wreckers have more good news in store for you.

If you live in Bondi, you don’t want to be spending tons of time trying to Scrap Car Bondi. There are more interesting things in life. Your needs are simple – the best deal, the best price, free car collection and something both convenient and lucrative.

You’ll be happy to hear – we can help with that at NSW wreckers!

Scrap Cars Collected from Bondi Area

We offer cash for Scrap Car Bondi and can often collect on the same day. If you have a Scrap Car Bondi please call now on 04 0100 9994 to find out how much we can pay you for it, or use the form above.

As well as scrap cars from Bondi Sydney wreckers also offer the following:

  • Buy Used Cars all over Bondi 2022
  • Recover Broken Down Vehicles in Bondi junction
  • Buy Scrap Cars from all Bondi addresses


If you’re based in the Bondi area and need to scrap your car, then we’re ready and waiting for your call.  We have a number of auto salvage centres across the Sydney ready to accept your vehicle.

If you’re unable to bring it to us, our fleet are available to come and collect it: just fill in the form here to get a quote.

As one of the only authorized auto salvage services in eastern suburbs of Sydney. Prior to disposal, we strip cars of salvageable parts before removing hazardous materials such as fuel, oil, brake and clutch fluid, antifreeze and air conditioning refrigerant. Ethical working practices matter to all reputable scrap car merchants.

Needless to say, the car will need to be recycled in accordance with the legal requirements, and the RMS will also need to be notified that the car is no longer on the road.  However, we’ll take care of all of that: all you need to do is arrange the collection.

Whatever the reason for scrapping your car, our Fairfield-based service can help.  Give us a call today on 04 0100 9994 to find out more.

Car Salvage Sydney

NSW Wreckers: Car parts & Commercial parts

Here at NSW wreckers we provide new and used car parts to the public and trade, and carry a large stock of motor salvage vehicles. We believe we are at the pinnacle of leading car buyers and auto recyclers in Sydney today.

Established in early 2000s on the outskirts of Sydney, we soon expanded and relocated into the Car Salvage Sydney with main branch in Yennora, City of Fairfield. Our wrecking yard has the latest equipment and methods for providing cash for cars and second hand parts services.

Car Salvage Sydney

Syndey Specialist Car Breaker & Removal Company

We deal with quality used car and vehicle parts as well as repairable auction salvage. We take delivery of insurance salvage vehicles on a daily basis from around New South Wales; as such our stock is constantly being updated.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please call a member of our helpful team on 04 0100 9994 or head over to our contact page and we’ll see if we can help you.

Used Car Parts Prices At Car Salvage Sydney

car wrecking auto salvage

If you cannot find your part listed in the price list we probably don’t sell it as a stand-alone part. Some parts are not sold separately. Please check with Car Salvage Sydney team on 04 0100 9994.
NB: Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Mechanical Parts  Prices
  • Engines: from $300
  • Cylinder Heads: from $185
  • Gearboxes: from $250
  • Transmissions: from $290
  • Diffs: from $230
  • Panel Parts  Prices
  • Bonnets: from $99
  • Guards: from $89
  • Doors : from $139
  • Boots: from $129
  • Bumpers: from $99
  • Spoilers: from $79
  • Suspension Parts Prices
  • Struts: from $79
  • Steering Racks: from $89
  • Axles: from $129
  • Hubs: from $99
  • Wheels: from $29
  • Auto Glass Parts Prices
  • Screens: from $100
  • Door Glass: from $70
  • Side Glass: from $60
  • Hatch Glass: from $70
  • Quarter Glass: from $40
  • Trim Parts Prices
  • Seats: from $99
  • Seat Belts: from $49
  • Dash Board Parts: from $20
  • Consoles: from $50
  • Other Parts Prices
  • Mag Wheels: from $39
  • Stereos: from $20
  • Tow Bars: from $69
  • Window Regulators: from $50
  • Mirrors: from $60
  • Radiators: from $70
  • Tyres: from $29
  • Electrical Parts Prices
  • Headlights: from $100
  • Taillights: from $90
  • Starters: from $90
  • Alternators: from $100
  • Distributors: from $80
  • Window Master Switches: from $60
  • Fuel System Parts Prices
  • Injector Pumps : from $149
  • Inter-coolers: from $49
  • Fuel Pumps: from $39
  • Petrol Tanks: from $10

Car Removal Services Yennora, New South Wales

car wreckers

Are you looking for a way to legally and safely dispose of your unwanted or wrecked vehicles? Recycle your junk car by contacting Car Salvage Sydney staff. We are always happy to accept vehicle donations, and we pay good prices for unwanted vehicles. Sydney car removal operates a “Cash for Car Removal” program in our Yennora and Fairfield areas.

We remove all Japanese, European, Korean, Malaysian Brands. Some of the brands include:

Before towing please make sure to remove any belongings from the vehicle and get ready the following:

1. Proof of Photo ID (License/Passport)

2. Proof of Ownership

3. Clear Access for Towing

NSW Wreckers Most Trusted Auto Wrecking Company

truck wreckers

Disclaimer: The brand names, trademarks or any other Proprietary designations of motor vehicles are only used for reference purposes on these web pages. No affiliation exists between “NSW Wreckers and any of the brand manufacturers

We have collection centers in other major towns around New South Wales. Our locations are:

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business. All of our parts are tried and tested. We can supply most parts for most vehicles. Some off the shelf and most removed off the vehicles when required.

Our trained Car Salvage Sydney staff are easy to talk to and between us we have many years of experience and knowledge in the used vehicle parts business.

Scrap Car Brookvale 2100

Sell Your Junk Car for Top Dollar in Northern Sydney

Selling a car can seem like an interminable process. This is especially true if you are anxious to get cash in your pocket as quickly as possible. NSW wreckers can help you shorten the time it takes to sell your car.

If you want the fastest, easiest way to get quick money, sell your scrap vehicle to Sydney auto wrecker company. We provide competitive quotes for Scrap Car Brookvale 2100, and the surrounding northern suburbs. Get your free quote online, or call us at 04 0100 9994 to learn more about how to sell car to wreckers.

How does Scrap Car Brookvale 2100 work?

  •  First, tell us about the car you’re selling.

Got a unworthy car you want to sell for cash in Brookvale 2100? Start by filling out our simple form right. We’ll ask you some questions about your car or truck such as its year, make, model, and trim. Next, tell us about the condition of the vehicle like whether it can start and drive and how many kilometers has traveled so far. If you’re trying to sell your scrap car for cash with NSW wreckers, we may be able to help you with that!

  • Quick and painless junk car removal in Brookvale 

If you choose to accept our instant offer, we’ll request a few additional details regarding pickup like the full name on the title or registration, address where the vehicle is located and vehicle identification number (VIN). If you do not have a title for your car or it’s not issued by the state of New South Wales let us know right away. For some newer vehicles we may also request some simple photos to verify the condition and ownership.

With just one phone call, you get a 100% guaranteed quote for your vehicle. Or fill out the form on this page. Our car buyers just need you to answer a few questions so they can give you the most competitive offer.

We buy everything from cars and scrap trucks and SUVs to RVs, boats and motorcycles. Regardless of condition, give us a call. Even if it’s used, wrecked, or junked, we buy them all.

Read more: Selling car to wreckers in Merrylands.

Scrap Cars Merrylands

Car buyers Merrylands 2160

Scrap Cars Merrylands

NSW wreckers specialise in scrapping cars across Sydney making your vehicles properly recycled. If your car is in bad condition our Scrap Cars Merrylands team of recovery vehicles will arrange pickup to suit your busy schedule and pay cash on arrival for you car. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Free Scrap Car Collection Merrylands

We can pickup scrap cars, unwanted cars, accident damaged cars, road worthy failures & scrap commercial vehicles. NSW wreckers  break down and recycle your vehicle in the legal way, filling out all of the required RMS paperwork. Even if your car has no road worthy, TAX, or the vehicle is damaged. We want to buy it from you. NSW wreckers are the No1 choice for Scrap Cars Merrylands, Scrap Car Collection, Scrap a Car for Money in western suburbs of Sydney. Contact Sydney wreckers today if you want money for your old car and leave the scrap cars collections services to us.

Can you help me sell my car in Merrylands?

Absolutely. We know that trying to sell your used car can be a stressful and often complex task. It can take valuable time to advertise and meet with prospective buyers (many of who can often waste your time during the weekends and evenings).

Our Scrap Cars Merrylands team aim to take away all of that stress and worry by buying your car directly from you so that you can leave with money in the bank and not have to worry about exchanging legal documents and managing the sales transaction.

To sell your car in Merrylands today, simply fill out our online scrap valuation form and we will provide you with an instant quotation of how much you can expect to get from your vehicle. All you have to do is enter your vehicle details about the condition and you’ll be on your way to sell your car.

Scrap Car Valuation

Are you asking yourself the question “where can I sell my car for cash?” Whatever type of car you have – we want to hear about it. We have customers waiting for high quality used cars so we’ve made it very easy for you to sell your car now for cash and get a fair price today.

Insurance Write-off, Scrap, Used, Salvage, Accident, Wrecked, Fire, Flooded, Mechanical Problems, Body Damaged, Broken, Junk, High Mileage and Dented.

Market Prices On Scrap Cars

It doesn’t matter where you are, as our Scrap Cars Merrylands services are available Sydney wide. Contact us today by phone or using our easy online form, and we will offer you a price to buy and uplift the car for you… If you’re happy with our price, you get some money for your scrap car today (in most cases). It’s as easy as that!

Frequently Asked Questions

“I want to sell my car easily” – “Who will buy my car?”

After we receive the details of your car, we will provide you with a cash price that we will pay for your car. If you wish to sell your car at the price offered, we will arrange to collect it at your convenience

“I want to sell my car safely”

When selling your car online, security is important. We have a facility with our bank, to make immediate bank to bank transfers. You will be able to call your bank (or check online using internet banking) to confirm the payment is in your bank account before we leave with your car.

“Clearing Existing Finance?”

Don’t worry if you still have existing finance on your car.
Just provide us with up to date settlement figures and we will sort out the rest.

“Where do I start?”

To sell your car for cash within 30 minutes, Please call on 04 0100 9994 now!

Scrap Car Peakhurst

Scrap Car Collection Peakhurst NSW

Thank you for visiting the Scrap Car Peakhurst page of “How to scrap a car in Peakhurst suburb”, our car wrecking scheme covers the whole of Sydney suburbs. Call us today on 04 0100 9994 or complete the form and one of our friendly team will help you get a free, no obligation quote.

Scrap Car Peakhurst

  • We buy scrap cars in Peakhurst that have failed road worthy or are accident damaged.
  • All RMS documentation is completed legally & correctly.
  • We offer free collection and a friendly professional service throughout Sydney.
  • We are an eco friendly and fully licensed facility

Let Us Pay Cash For Your Car Right at Place in Peahurst

NSW wreckers love to buy vehicles, in fact we will buy absolutely any car, regardless of make, model, age or condition.

We want to buy your car or van today and will happily pay the best possible price on collection.

Our promise to you:

  • Collect your car free of charge
  • Pay cash on collection
  • Complete all the necessary RMS  paperwork
  • 100% stress free time for you

Sydney’s Favorite Cash for Cars & Wrecking Services

We have been collecting scrap cars in Sydney for over 15 years now. We are very well networked in this Peakhurst area and as a result pay the best prices for any vehicle. Many companies in the Sydney are known for collecting motors without filling in the appropriate paperwork or trying to reduce the agreed price on collection. We will never do this and pride ourselves on offering the easiest, most legally correct and best service in the area:

With Scrap Car Peakhurst service, you can be sure that you will not only receive the full amount quote on the phone, you will also benefit from our complimentary free collection service.

scrap car wreckers


That’s right! Scrap Car Peakhurst team offers free collection on all vehicles, so the price we say, is the price you get, with no deductions.  We don’t charge admin fee’s either, which a lot of scrap car companies do, so be careful when it comes to scrapping your vehicle.

How Does It Work?

How to sell my car for scrap?

STEP 1 – Simply give us a call on 04 0100 9994. We will find out all the details we need. (We’ll need info such as the car’s registration, condition, location)

STEP 2. We then work out a price. We offer extremely competitive prices for scrap cars, damaged cars, vans and 4×4’s.

STEP 3. If you are happy with our price we just need to arrange a convenient time to collect your vehicle.
Once on your premises we pay you on the spot. No Charges and No Fees.

Japanese Car Parts Sydney

Japanese Car Parts Sydney Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Daihatsu, Suzuki & Nissan Vehicles


Japanese Car Parts Sydney

Do you need auto parts for a right hand drive vehicle imported from Japan?

Japanese Car Parts Sydney supply a whole range of car parts for Japanese car makes and models. We can source brand new, second hand and rebuilt parts. Request a free quotation today.

NSW wreckers are proud to introduce premiums lines of re-manufactured Japanese, import and domestic engines and transmissions.

Although Japanese Car Parts Sydney specializes in Japanese automotive vehicles, our vast experience and knowledge allows us to focus our efforts and knowledge on producing a high quality product be it Japanese, Korean or European.


We believe that we offer the most comprehensive Japanese car parts and supply service in New South Wales having more resources for obtaining Japanese specification car parts than anyone else.

used car parts Auckland

At Japanese Car Parts Sydney, we strive to get you the products you need, when you need them. Only the best, for the best price!

We’ve got one of the largest supplies of Japanese Engines and parts in Sydney. This auto wrecking yard is here to help you purchase what you’re looking for from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. For each Japanese engine that you want to purchase online, please contact us first to make sure you can install it in your car.

Eco wreckers are your #1 stop for Japanese Car Parts Sydney. We specialize in parts for Isuzu wreckersToyota wreckersHonda wreckersNissan wreckersSubaru wreckers, Mitsubishi wreckers, Suzuki wreckersMazda wreckersWe also offer parts for all other auto brands.
With our inventory of used, rebuilt and aftermarket parts, you can get parts at the price that suits you. If you want something cheap or discounted, our used parts may be your best bet.

In addition to stocking a complete inventory of car parts, our knowledgeable staff can help you identify what parts you need. We also serve wholesale customers from auto garages and car body shops.


With over 20 years of experience in working with Japanese cars, we are the most knowledgeable experts in Japanese cars in the New South Wales region.

used car parts Perth

NSW wreckers do more auto services: auto lights, radiator, tyres and car batteries, so give us a call if any of the mentioned services you require.

While the majority of our business is spare parts, we also have a large selection of complete cars to get mechanical / trim parts. Japanese Car Parts Sydney always have a wide range of late model second-hand car parts for imported Japanese vehicles (of almost any make or model) readily available. Additionally, we hold some earlier model stock at our dismantling yard.

So why not contact us today or send us an online inquiry to let us know about your requirements, we are sure that you will be impressed with our efficient, no-hassles service and our quality end products.


Junk My Car Gladesville

Junk My Car Gladesville? We pay the highest prices in Gladesville for your unwanted vehicles

Junk My Car Gladesville

NSW wreckers are licensed vehicle disposal specialists based in the heart of Sydney covering the majority of the Sydney metropolitan region including Gladesville.

We offer the highest prices in Gladesville suburb for

  • RW failures
  • non runners
  • vehicles with no tax
  • end of life vehicles
  • vehicles that have been stood/seized
  • insurance write-offs
  • any car or van you want to get rid of

So how do I Junk My Car Gladesville?

Simply contact our Junk My Car Gladesville friendly team who will arrange a time to collect your scrap car. We pay cash on collection, handle all the paperwork and make sure your vehicle is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

cash for cars Brisbane

 Who We Are?

We are a local, fast and friendly auto recycling company from Sydney that aims to give you the best service and price when it comes to recovery or scrapping your vehicle. We offer instant cash for any unwanted vehicle and dispose of it correctly, filling out all of the required paperwork for you.

cash for cars Sydney

Areas We Cover:

We will buy your:

  • Scrap Cars
  • Scrap Vans
  • Salvaged Trucks
  • Unwanted Vehicles
  • Insurance Write-off’s
  • RW Failures

For more information check out our regional and international partners:

Queensland auto wreckers, WA auto wreckers, Victoria auto wreckers, New Zealand auto wreckers.

Sell Car for Parts Sydney


Talk to the scrap car specialists! – Sell Car for Parts Sydney!

If you have an old car that’s not worth repairing, don’t let it take up space on your property. Sell Car for Parts Sydney is car removal service. We’ll take your car away, and pay you a fair price for it. You’ll not only have space on your drive, you’ll have money towards buying a new vehicle.

Sell Car for Parts Sydney

• Non running vehicles
• Cars that would cost too much to repair
• Unwanted commercial vans
• Salvage cars
• Used/old vehicles
• Fire damaged cars
• Post-accident vehicles
• Running cars that can’t find a buyer

Convert your Unwanted Car into Parts & Cash!

You could have a vehicle sitting unloved and unused on your drive. We’ll take any car or van, not just non-runners, and can collect from across Sydney metro at times to suit you.

With your permission, if the car can be repaired, we may ask you if you mind it being sold at auction or if you would prefer us to scrap it.

car wreckers Melbourne

Should I scrap my car or recycle it?

By recycling your car, you help the environment and your pocket. Your old car will be recycled at a de-pollution center, and you’ll get a receipt of disposal, so you can reclaim unused road tax from the RMS.

We ask all of our customers to give our service a rating out of 5, based on our communications, politeness, quotation price and overall quality of service. We are delighted to report that Ms Charlotte rated us as a 5/5, thanks to offering ‘the best cash for car quote’ and ‘speedy collection’.  Another job well done. Who is next? Could that be you? Are you looking to Sell Car for Parts Sydney or another area of New South Wales? Then get in touch – we offer some of the best prices available for scrap cars, a very fast service, and cash on collection.

CALL Sell Car for Parts Sydney Team! 04 0100 9994

Car Salvage Cessnock

We are NSW’s special vehicle recycler.  

Unlike other internet based sites, operating on an agency basis and offering a computer-generated price, you are contacting us directly for a realistic value on your vehicle.  All vehicles are individually priced.  It is important to contact us to discuss your vehicle as there are many factors that can enhance the value of your vehicle.

Car Salvage Cessnock

At NSW wreckers we are able to issue you with a car disposal receipt for your vehicle. This gives you peace of mind as you are immediately removed from the RMS database as the registered owner of the vehicle.

Cash for Car Salvage Cessnock, Hunter Region 

car wreckers East Tamaki Auckland

We are a specialist cash for cars service based in Sydney, Australia. Our car removal service is to provide cash for any car you would like to sell, and we can organise pick-up from any town Hunter region. We offer competitive prices for your used cars and our commitment is on providing a premium service.

Below is a breakdown of how we work at Car Salvage Cessnock service.

  • At Car Salvage Cessnock, we offer a free quote using either our website quote page, or over the phone on 04 0100 9994.
  • We will buy any used or unwanted vehicles you would like to sell.
  • We offer free pick-up for these vehicles.

How We Can Help?

car wreckers Christchurch NZ

If you are looking for Car Salvage Cessnock, NSW wreckers can help with the following:

  • Auto salvage
  • Truck wreckers
  • Used parts
  • Car Removal
  • Free Metro Delivery to Automotive Repairers

One of our main specialties in is Commercial vehicles & 4x4s. So if you have a Commercial , Ute Van or 4×4, call us today.

We are also known to offer free car pickup services in Cessnock, all you need to do is to call and expect a quick car valuation from one of our responsive Car Salvage Cessnock staff. We will come and collect your car and process all auto recycling procedures in an environment friendly way. Our company also offer our pick up services throughout New South Wales.

Cash for Cars Punchbowl

Wondering how to sell unwanted car in Punchbowl?

NSW wreckers operate throughout Sydney all the way down to Newcastle . NSW wreckers are one of the most reliable and trustworthy company in Fairfield. At your request, our Cash for Cars Punchbowl team will come to you and give quick cash for scrap cars and remove your used or old or unwanted vehicle from your house and pay you instant cash.

We are also known to offer free car pickup services in Punchbowl, all you need to do is to call and expect a quick car valuation from one of our responsive Cash for Cars Punchbowl staff. We will come and collect your car and process all auto recycling procedures in an environment friendly way. Our company also offer our pick up services throughout New South Wales.

Cash for Cars Punchbowl

Quick Cash for Cars Punchbowl

NSW wreckers are the leading car wrecker in Sydney. Our company is one of the best scrap car buyers in Sydney. Also involved in removing the usable spare parts from your vehicle; we also crush the rest of car/truck/vehicle into metal and send to the metal recycling department.

We buy vehicles of all almost makes and models, foreign and domestic, running or not. In our metal recycling department, we take good care of everything that can be used in different types of potential industries. All you need to do is to simply call us to avail our services in Punchbowl.

If you are tired of keeping an old/accidental, junk, broken, scrapped, vehicle, then NSW wreckers is your best company to deal with. Just call us to avail our quality services. Most people call us because our services are hassle free and transparent. Whether people need to clean up their junk yards or sell of their old broken car, they rely on our expert services.

Paying cash for all cars – any make & model

We will pay you top cash for your car, van,truck, 4wd or ute. No matter what’s the condition, make and model of your vehicle. We’ll pay you top most price compared to other companies. For JapaneseEuropean, AustralianKorean and American we offer top prices that can go up to $19,000.

We are Government registered wreckers & removals in Sydney. If you check our ratings & customer satisfaction levels online then you’ll see that we’re on the top. .

We really care for our customers in all perspectives & employ trained & qualified staff in all departments-call center, truck wrecking, recycling, & truck removals.

Get Cash Quotes!




Vehicle Model

Manufacturer Year

Vehicle Location



My partner bought a new car and she wanted to sell her old car. I found NSW wreckers as easiest car removal company with top price for old car. Will surely refer NSW wreckers to every one.

Brad MacArthur 17 May 2018I would give them 5 star
Brad MacArthur
"NSW wreckers gave me a good price for my car, they came at a time and a date which suited me, and the payment was cash deal sealed in 5 minutes! Excellent service."

Sarah Bains, Richmond on .

9 out of 10

Sarah Bains

I had already been to several other cash for cars buying services and they tried to knock the price down on the day. NSW wreckers came and I was paid the price quoted online. No haggling at all. Thank you!"

Issac Cooper, Blacktown on 0.

9 out of 10

Issac Cooper

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