NSW Wreckers (Liverpool) pays fair prices for used automobiles

Have you been in an accident, wrecked your car or truck?

Do you have a car or truck, that’s ready for the scrap yard?


Car Wreckers Liverpool  is the place to call 04 0100 9994

Car Wreckers Liverpool

Most people have no idea how or whom to call to get rid of an old vehicle that no longer runs and is taking up useful space in the driveway or in your yard. It’s worth calling Car Wreckers Liverpool to pick it up and put a little extra spending money in your pocket. we buy all used trucks, cars, SUV’s, vans or even buses.  NSW wreckers would sure be interested. Bring your used truck, car, SUV or van to us and we guarantee we’ll buy it from you. If you can’t drive it in for some reason lets make arrangements to pick it up or have it towed away for you. When it comes to the used automobile Car Wreckers Liverpool is ready to talk anytime, just give us a call.

Car Removal Liverpool

Do you need our car removal service? Do you have a junk car crowding the space in your driveway? Are you wasting insurance money on a car that doesn’t run anymore? Fill in our short car removal request form and get rid of your scrap car today!

Car Removal Steps

  1. Fill in our short car removal request form
  2. Wait for our call to set up a removal time with you
  3. We take the unwanted vehicle off your hands

What Does Car Removal Cost in Liverpool?

Nothing! We will arrange for removal of your junk car, scrap car, truck, unwanted vehicle, missing-title car, or vehicle that has been badly damaged in an accident, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Not only that, we offer a wide range of rewards to retire your vehicle. Ask about our cash for cars program!

What Cash for Car Wreckers Liverpool Buy?

Not only does NSW wreckers PAY to dispose of and recycle your unwanted natural end-of-life vehicle(s), we also pay up to $7000 (IN CASH) for vehicles that are not end-of-life (premature end of life).

How can you tell if your vehicle is End-Of-Life or Not?

  • If your vehicle is less than 10 years old (call for details)
  • If your vehicle Runs, Drives, and is in Great Working Order.
  • If your vehicle is relatively new, but unusable due to an accident or major mechanical failure. Example: A 2004 Any Make, Any Model vehicle that will not pass RMS inspections due to rust issues or other safety related issues would then be deemed “End-Of-Life” these vehicles will be deemed End-Of-Life because their highest value for resale would still be lower than the total cost of repairs they require.

However, a 2009 Any Make, Any Model vehicle that has been taken off the road because of a minor accident or large mechanical failure (i.e engine failure, transmission failure) can be worth up to $7000 (in CASH) depending on its parts resale popularity.

Do I Need the Vehicle Registration Papers?

Majority of the time, we will request the vehicle registration papers and your signature to indicate a transfer of ownership. If you do not have the registration papers or you are not the owner of the vehicle, usually we will accept photo ID and a written note granting permission for the vehicle’s removal.

On the other hand, if the vehicle has been abandoned or does not belong to you, we suggest that you contact your local police station to inform them of the situation. The Liverpool Police will promptly arrange for the removal of any abandoned or illegally-parked vehicles.

TOP 8 Reasons to Choose Car Wreckers Liverpool

  1. We are a Licensed & Insured Company.
  2. Our Tow Truck Operators are Well Trained, Knowledgeable.
  3. We offer FREE towing. 
  4. We can remove most vehicles within 24 hrs.
  5. We offer appointment times at customer convenience.
  6. We can remove any vehicle, anywhere.     (Underground parking garages, muddy     fields,seized wheels, missing wheels, smashed vehicles etc.).
  7. We cover most of Sydney and surrounding towns: Blacktown car wreckers, Campbelltown car wreckers, Liverpool car wreckers, Parramatta car wreckers, Penrith car wreckers, Richmond car wreckers, Ultimo car wreckers, Baulkham Hills car wreckers.

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"NSW wreckers gave me a good price for my car, they came at a time and a date which suited me, and the payment was cash deal sealed in 5 minutes! Excellent service."

Sarah Bains, Richmond on .

9 out of 10

Marc Code

I had already been to several other cash for cars buying services and they tried to knock the price down on the day. NSW wreckers came and I was paid the price quoted online. No haggling at all. Thank you!"

Issac Cooper, Blacktown on 0.

9 out of 10

John Smith

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