Got an old car to get rid of? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Recycling Lives runs Scrap Car Network, an online service that guarantees collection of your old car, no matter where you are in the New South Wales, Australia.

Car Recycling Sydney

Simply enter your details on the new, easy-to-use Scrap Car Network website and a local team will get in touch to arrange a suitable time to collect it.Recycling Lives’ Scrap Car Network service lets cars owners scrap their old car from anywhere in the UK in just a few clicks.

We’ll give you a great price for your old banger and take it down to the nearest suitable Authorized Treatment Facility where it’ll be assessed to see whether it’s better off being resold or recycled!

If the car’s still in a roadworthy condition, it’ll be sold on. Otherwise, it’s down to the recycling plant, where any resalable parts will be removed and sold before the car is recycled for scrap.

Car Recycling Sydney FAQs

Can I recycle my car with you?  Are there any cars you don’t take in?

Generally speaking, we take in almost every type of car, from those that have naturally reached their end-of-life, to those that have been written off by an insurance firm.  Whatever your vehicle, the chances are we’ll take it in.

I can’t actually get my car to you

That’s OK, we’ll come and collect it.  Our teams collect vehicles from across Sydney, meaning that even if you can’t bring the vehicle to us, we can come and pick it up from you.  Give us a call today, and we’ll send our collection team out.

And you’ll take care of everything else?

We’ll take care of absolutely every part of the car recycling process.  Our facilities ensure that your car is recycled in total compliance with the environment standards.  All you need to do is arrange collection.

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Recycling Lives achieves an impressive 98% recycling rate at its sites across Sydney and only works with scrap car partners who place a similarly high priority on landfill diversion rates, for frequently asked questions please visit car wreckers Sydeny, it’s a great option for environmentally friendly car owners across the country.

Get a great deal for your wheels – scrap your car today, with Car Recycling Sydney!

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"NSW wreckers gave me a good price for my car, they came at a time and a date which suited me, and the payment was cash deal sealed in 5 minutes! Excellent service."

Sarah Bains, Richmond on .

9 out of 10

Marc Code

I had already been to several other cash for cars buying services and they tried to knock the price down on the day. NSW wreckers came and I was paid the price quoted online. No haggling at all. Thank you!"

Issac Cooper, Blacktown on 0.

9 out of 10

John Smith

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