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2023 Auto Wrecking Guide

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What to do with my old car in 2023

2023 Auto Wrecking Guide

If you are going down the internet route when selling an old car. There are plenty of sites that you can register with in order to sell your vehicle. NSW car buyers are great, as it costs no money to put the registration of your vehicle. As well as its mileage, at no cost to your bank account. The site then spits a general value of said automobile back at you. If your vehicle has reached the end of its life. This amount is just a guide and the true value of your wheels will be much less.

Selling Old Car As Scrap in 2023

This is the best option if you don’t have the time or knowledge to dismantle your vehicle yourself and sell it as spare parts and scrap metal. This is because modern scrap yards are often running on a particular business model, and they are commonly known as cash for car companies because they pay cash for scrap cars.

These Sydney Auto Wreckers make all their profits from buying old non-working vehicles from people and recycling them. All the parts that can be salvaged are extracted via the dismantling process, refurbished and added to a used parts inventory to be sold. All the rest of the vehicle goes to other companies who specialize in recycling metal, rubber or plastic.

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It’s easy to get in touch with a company like this, and scrap your car online. There are usually a few in each town. A google search should turn up a few, and from there it’s just a matter of visiting the website and dialing a number, or filling out an online form. In both cases you’ll need to provide detailed info on your vehicle, and you’ll receive a free quote. The next part is when a team member arrives at your location, inspects the car, loads it onto a truck and pays you cash for it. It’s so simple and easy even a child could do it. But they probably shouldn’t.

How much will a car wrecker pay for my car in 2023?

The amount of money you can get from scrapping your car depends on several factors, from the condition of it, to its weight in scrap metal. See our How Much is my Car Worth’ guide for more information about the different elements that could affect the value of your vehicle.

Your first thought on learning your car is only good for the auto wrecker’s yard is likely to be the money you’re losing. Or more importantly, whether you’re likely to be able to to be if you’re able to claw anything back from the car’s scrap value. Sadly, there’s no guarantee that you will, as in these globalized times the value of your wreck has more to do with the prices of recycled steel, copper and aluminum than what it might have been worth in working order. When prices are at their lowest, Some companies might even attempt to charge you to take your car away, but at the very least you should demand a free collection.

If you’re wondering how on earth you’re meant to know what global commodity prices are doing when it comes to scrapping your car, there’s a simple way to find out. Don’t sell (or give your car away) to the first scrapper who answers the phone. Call three or four vehicle recyclers, and aim to pick the best offer that’s made – you’ll soon get a feel for anyone trying to take you for a ride.

Obviously, it’s illegal to sell or dispose of a vehicle which has an outstanding finance agreement. If you find yourself in a situation where your financed vehicle has been written off, it’s best to notify the relevant financial parties immediately.

The Simple Guide to Cash for Cars and Auto Parts in New South Wales

There are many different terms used in the car wrecking business, which can sometimes be confusing if you’re not sure what they all mean.

A common term that can create confusion is ‘car breaker’, as well as ‘auto salvage’, especially when compared to a scrapyard or truck wreckers. In this guide, we’ve outlined exactly what an auto wrecker is, how it works, and have answered some of the most common wrecker-related questions, refer to our previous NSW Auto Wrecking Guide.

Auto wrecking yards are the perfect low-cost solution for getting replacement parts for your vehicle. While the cars may be decommissioned, they could still contain a lot of usable parts. However, visiting an auto wrecking yard isn’t always a guarantee that you will find what you need. How you prepare for the trip and what you do while at the yard will determine the trip’s success. That means you will need a few tips and tricks up your sleeve for the best experience finding auto parts at the wrecking yard.

Here is a guide to get you started.

Act Fast

You aren’t the only one looking for replacement parts for your car. Therefore, the longer you wait to visit an auto wrecking yard, the higher the chances that you won’t find the best parts or what you were looking for. One way to solve this problem is to work with a local yard. You can get to a local auto wrecking yard quicker compared to one located farther away. Most local auto wrecking yards have websites where you can sign up for email alerts. Take advantage of such services that enable you to know as soon as something is added to the inventory.

What are the benefits of using auto wreckers vehicles for parts?

  • Cost Savings – Sourcing multiple used parts from one location could save you a considerable amount of money over buying the individual parts brand new
  • Save Time – Dismantling all your parts from one vehicle during one breaker session could also save you time from researching, purchasing and waiting for the delivery of parts online
  • Environmentally – Recycling used parts can also help the environment as it reduces the manufacturing demand of new parts.

So, the final question is: To wreck or to scrap…

Well, if you are using NSW Wreckers we will ensure the best Auto Wrecking Yards offer you a price for your unwanted vehicle, taking all the stress and hassle away from wondering who to call next.